Abbie is an experienced event planner and marketing professional committed to helping others live the life they are capable of living by creating work and business that is driven by passion and investing in others. She is the owner of an event and marketing firm, Gro Group, and it’s sister company, ACH Events, a wedding planning business. Abbie firmly believes that an event is a place for people to come together in a community, and whether it is business or personal, Abbie manages the vendor team through compassion and leadership, in order to facilitate remarkable events. Abbie has over 10 years of event planning experience and holds a BS in Sport Management from Texas A&M University with a focus on International and Cultural Management and a minor in Communication. Abbie is the creator of the Loving This Life Podcast, and co-founder of the 12th Woman, an advocacy group for sexual assault survivors at universities in the United States. 

Abbie lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Kieran and son, KJ. 


  • Instilling confidence in others

  • Believing in people and self

  • Creating work that impacts others

  • Defining personal success

  • Supporting women

  • Educating on business & event marketing strategy


  • Showing empathy and understanding

  • Choosing to empower those around you

  • Releasing selfishness

  • Understanding the magnifying glass

  • Emphasizing importance of communication

  • Understanding the relationship between leading and following


I recently came to Abbie with an idea to launch a new program within an existing business and I’m so grateful I did.   Not only did Abbie understand the vision, but she was quick to assist in garnering public interest by utilizing a vast network of her colleagues and peers.  She was absolutely instrumental in helping to grow and develop a very young concept and she continues to champion the program as though it was her own.  I can’t thank her enough for the dedication and time she provided to our company and she will remain my “go-to” for consulting on future projects. Thank you, Abbie!

-Mona Hungria

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